Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, please check the list below. If your question is not included, please contact us.

  • How can I view the apartments before deciding?

    For a general impression we invite you to view the 360 degree panoramic images on the page The apartments. We also offer guided viewings of our model apartments – plan your viewing.

  • What are the deposit terms?

    • 2 months rent as deposit.
    • Guarantor is needed for tenants under 30 years.
  • What is the process after application?

    If your request is approved by us, we will send you a link with a request to (again) fill in your details in detail and send it to us. We ask you to fill out this “Residents Form” as extensively as possible so that we, in case of emergencies, can act quickly. We also ask you to deposit €200.00 as a reservation fee. You will have one week to do so.

    After receiving your information and the €200,00 we will reserve the apartment for you, we will create a rental file for you in our administration in which we will include: a rental contract with general rental conditions and an explanation thereof and also describe our house rules. Then we are going to send you this with an accompanying letter by e-mail.
    Finally we will invite you to come to our office to discuss and sign the lease. You can ask us any questions in between by email or during the contract signing.

    After signing the rental contract, you must pay by pin the deposit of your apartment (twice a total month’s rent, including the advance delivery and services). The reservation fee of €200.00 will then be directly deducted from your total deposit.

    If we do all the above work for you but the rental transaction does not go through, you will still get the reservation fee of €200.00 back when you cancel so we can rent the apartment to someone else.


  • What are the lease terms?

    These conditions relate, inter alia, to the financial obligations :

    • The problem of being able to pay the rent
    • Deposit of 2 months rent
    • Guarantor for tenants under 30 years of age

    In addition, we also impose a number of conditions in the social field:

    • No pets, no weapons, no drugs
    • No drug use
    • No gun possession
    • Do not cause any nuisance
  • How can I be eligible for a certain type of apartment?

    1. Go to “The apartments”
    2. At choose your apartment, choose a floor
    3. Choose an apartment
    4. Apply
  • How can I schedule a viewing?

    1. Go to “View”
    2. Choose available date
    3. Select a time frame
    4. Enter the information asked in the boxes
    5. Register
  • Can I put my car, motorcycle, scooter in the garage?

    Bicycle parking spaces:
    Each resident is assigned (under explicit conditions) one private numbered bicycle parking space free of charge.
    This covered and locked bicycle parking is to be used exclusively by the tenants of “the Woldring Location”.

    Car parking spaces:
    It is possible to rent a parking space for a car in the Woldring Location. The price is €86.96 incl. 21% VAT per month. We also have many parking spaces 200 meters away from the Woldring Location for €56.26 incl. 21% VAT per month.

    Motor parking spaces:
    It is possible to rent a parking space for a motorcycle in the Woldring Location. The price of this is €28.13 incl. 21% VAT per month.

    Scooter parking spaces:
    It is possible to rent a parking space for a scooter in the Woldring Location. The price of this is €10.74 incl. 21% VAT per month.


  • How does my Climarad ventilation system work?

    The instruction manuals can be downloaded below:
    ClimaRad Ventura V1D (NL)ClimaRad Ventura V1D (ENG)
    ClimaRad Fan (NL)

  • How does my smoke detector work?

    The instruction manual can be downloaded below:
    Firex KF20 (NL) / Firex KF20 (ENG)

  • How does my video-intercom work?

    The instruction manual can be downloaded below:
    Urmet Miro (NL)Urmet Miro (ENG)

  • There is an emergency occurring during non-office hours. What should I do?

    For emergencies outside of business hours, call our security company MB&D at 050-3053969.

    For a very dangerous situation, injury or crime, contact 112.

    In case of sewer blockage, call WazoRiool at 050 211 0541

  • What can I do when I have locked myself out or lost my tag outside of office hours?

    In case you have lost your tag or locked yourself out of your residence, there is an emergency number you can call: 050-3053969. Through this number from security company MB&D someone can grant you access to your residence. Please note that this company will charge you € 75,00 including VAT. This amount needs to be paid directly to MB&D.

  • Can I find back the old newsletters?

  • When and how do I need to pay the rent?

    Before the start of your rental contract you will sign an agreement where you allow us to automatically collect the rent from your bank account. The rent will be collected each month on the last workday of the month and is paid in advance. On this day you need to make sure your funds are sufficient. When an incorrect or late payment occurs, extra administrative costs can be charged to you. Check your rental contract for the precise rules regaring the rental payments.